Aspen Cleaner - The worst cleaners in NYC

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CAUTION! Do not use Aspen Cleaners Upper West Side at 110 86th St. They have no integrity, damage thier clients laundry and does not honor their warrenty. The will make any excuse not to do the right thing.

I dropped off two bags for wash and fold at this cleaner and when I received the items back a whole bag of my whites were damaged beyond repair. They contained blue, brown and red marks all over my sheets and towels. When I brought them back the said they didn't know what happened and would call me. They never did. I went back in and they offered to give me store credit...well obviously if they damaged my items and tried to hide the problem I don't want to trust them again with my clothes. I said I would like to be reimbursed for damages, Amanda the women in charge said to write it up. I tallied the damages over $1000. She said she would call me. She never did.

So a month later I contacted her again she told me they would not be reimbursing me since the items where wet when I brought them in. They were not and this was the third excuse she had tried to make to cover for the damage. She said the owner would call me that night, he did not. When called the next day she swore she called me twice of which I have not record of. So now I am taking her to court. So unless you want damaged goods and to go to court to get them resolved I highly suggest not using this dry cleaner.

Review about: Wash And Fol.



Beware.... Do not use Tiffany Cleaners in Merrick!

Why? Because after being a loyal customer for years I had a horrible experience there and would not trust leaving my clothes with them!

First, I brought in a large bundle of my clothes back in Sept. When I picked up my clothes and counted the items it appeared all was o.k. Then I checked my shirts and

noticed a man's shirt among my things. I wasn't sure which of my shirts was missing and they insisted the man's shirt was mine. I refused the shirt and they gave me back the cost of the cleaning for it, but I was still missing one of my sweaters. I left my name and number for them to call me if someone returns a sweater that they must have gotten by mistake. Never heard from the cleaners.

After about two months I realized my red sweater was missing. I returned to the cleaners and they said they had mine but didn't have my number to reach me. I chalked it up to 'we all make mistakes' and decided to bring in more dry cleaning, but this time made a list of all items I brought in.

Went to pick up my dry cleaning order and was told 4 of my sweaters were not ready yet, come back next week. So I did. I was given 4 sweaters which I paid for in full, but once again realized 1 of them was not mine!!! I told them the red cashmere sweater wasn't mine so they went into the back and 'found' my black sweater - (in worse condition then I brought it to them). They asked me to again come back next week and it will be ready!

Saga continues... When I show up to pick up the sweater, they showed me the sweater with the attached collar taken off and said it was cleaned but the black ran so they are trying to 'fix it'. Told me to come back again! When I told them how frustrated and upset, they didn't even apologize (I was really upset). The owner yelled at me and said he will not say he's sorry to customers when they have a problem. He was loud and rude and told me I'm wrong. I still do not have my sweater back and it does not look good.


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